Orthopedics, rehabilitation, physiotherapy in Cracow

Ortopedicum Sp. z o.o. is a modern orthopaedic and rehabilitation centre offering all-inclusive care and support to patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

komfortowe warunki leczenia Kraków

Comfortable treatment conditions

Ortopedicum has a 33-bed hospital ward with single and double rooms. All rooms are equipped with a bathroom, air-conditioning, refrigerator, satellite TV and internet connection, and are adapted to the needs of the disabled.


A wide range of services

Our offer includes surgical procedures in paediatric orthopaedics, correction of bone deformations, tendon transfer and fracture treatment. Foot surgery constitutes an important part of our activity. We perform hallux valgus correction as well as congenital or posttraumatic deformations. Ortopedicum has been equipped with the best and the latest technology available on the market. 

narzędzia w Ortopedicum

Aesculap – OrthoPilot®

Aesculap Hip Implants stand for reliability. The state-of-the-art design and plasmapore coating offer excellent primary and secondary stability in cemented and cementless applications. The ceramic-on-ceramic bearing couple is proven for long-term stability.

THA Pro provides maximum functionality and is the core of the OrthoPilot® HipSuite. It navigates all relevant parameters of the stem components are navigated: cup position, leg length difference, offset and stem antetorsion. It also displays the range of motion (RoM) resulting from the cup and stem position. The results of the implantation can be simulated before the final components are implanted.

In addition to implant stability, which is a requirement of total hip replacement, the success of a hip joint reconstruction depends on the correct positioning of the implants and on achieving the correct leg length. OrthoPilot® THA assists the surgeon in positioning the acetabular and femoral components. In addition, leg length, offset and range of motion are determined before implantation. The user of the OrthoPilot® THA Module has the choice of several workflows that have been specifically developed for certain implants, surgical techniques, special instruments and different philosophies of implant navigation. The software is configured according to the preference of the individual user. OrthoPilot® THA is configured uniquely for each individual surgeon.