The outstanding reputation of our hospital is credited to the full commitment of renowned and experienced specialist doctors and physical therapists working with Ortopedicum, the very high standard of health care, access to the latest technologies and comfortable treatment environment.

Our hospital is ONE CENTER

Our top priority is for the patient to recover in a reliable and safe environment. To ensure this, the entire treatment process, from diagnosis, surgery to rehabilitation, takes place in one location.


In Ortopedicum, each patient has his or her own treating doctor who is present during the initial consultations, performs surgery and then assists the patient in the rehabilitation process.

State-of-the-art TECHNOLOGIES

The Ortopedicum Hospital is equipped with advanced technological facilities. Knee replacement procedures can be performed using Aesculap’s Orthopilot® computer-assisted navigation system, which allows the surgeon to align the implant accurately in relation to the mechanical axis of the lower limb and choose optimum implant sizes to match the individual anatomy of each patient. This, in turn, ensures even greater precision during surgery as well as improved functioning  and longer durability of endoprostheses.

Proven QUALITY of implants

The implants used at Ortopedicum, come mainly from the comprehensive offering of AESCULAP AG. All the implants have been proven in extensive clinical practice worldwide.

Professional advice

The Ortopedicum team helps to select adequate orthopedic equipment and aids to assist patients in their everyday activities.

A comprehensive rehabilitation program- the key to optimum outcomes.
Since our comprehensive care system involves combining many forms of technologically advanced therapies, our staff can make use of nearly  all the currently available treatment methods, such as high-energy laser therapy, diagnostic balance platform, feedback therapies, Keiser Functional Movement system and many more.


Our tailor-made treatment programs cater to the special needs of each patient, allowing  them to quickly regain their health and mobility. Close cooperation between the orthopedic  doctor and physiotherapist ensures therapy is optimized, problems are solved at different levels and the risk of complications is minimized.
A holistic though individual approach to each patient is an asset that makes Ortopedicum stand out among other clinics.

The Ortopedicum Hospital in Kraków is a modern orthopaedic and rehabilitation centre offering all-inclusive orthopedic and trauma care and support to patients with musculoskeletal disorders. The clinic was established in 2009.

Ortopedium specializes, in particular, in hip and knee joint replacement surgery. Other standard surgical procedures performed in the hospital include: arthroscopy, sports medicine, ACL reconstruction, foot surgery, hand surgery and spine surgery.

The Ortopedicum Hospital comprises:

  • two operating theatres,
  • an Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Ward,
  • an Orthopedic Ward with 33 beds in comfortable single and double  rooms,
  • an Orthopedic Outpatient Clinic,
  • X-ray and ultrasound imaging laboratories,
  • an in-patient rehabilitation ward and a rehab day center,

The hospital is equipped with CT and MRI scanning devices.